If you have made the decision to invest in your first ATV for your family, you may be considering whether you want to buy a four-wheeler or a side-by-side. Making the decision can be difficult, but a side-by-side offers many advantages that a four-wheeler doesn't necessarily have. Here are a few of the many reasons to consider a side-by-side for your family's first ATV adventures.

Side-By-Sides Offer Weather Protection

If you like to ride the trails in all sorts of weather but hate having to break out rain gear, a side-by-side may be just the solution that you need. These versatile vehicles provide you with a roof, and sometimes doors, that can give you some protection from the weather when you're out on the trail. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor time no matter what the weather is doing.

Side-By-Sides Provide Ample Seating

Side-by-sides come in a variety of sizes, potentially allowing seating for up to six people when you're out. If you want something that will allow you to take the whole family out, a large-capacity side-by-side may be the answer.

Side-By-Sides Are Good For Leisurely Runs

Tearing up the trails on a four-wheeler can be fun, but sometimes you just want to get out, enjoy the trail, and chat with a friend or loved one along the way. The seating in a side-by-side makes this far easier than yelling back and forth on a four-wheeler with a person sitting behind you.

Side-By-Sides Have A Lower Center Of Gravity

Most side-by-sides are built with a lower center of gravity than a four-wheeler. This makes them far less likely to tip over on a trail than a four-wheeler would be. If you are concerned about the risk of rollover and you want an ATV that is going to be more secure, a side-by-side can do that for you.

Side-By-Sides Are Work Vehicles, Too

All work and no play is no fun, but what if you have a plaything that also offers support for the work you need to get done? Some side-by-side models include trailer hitches for towing as well as a dump body so that you can haul whatever you need in the bed and easily dump it where it needs to be.

These are just a few of the reasons why a side-by-side may be a better investment for your family than a four-wheeler or other ATV. If this interests you, start looking at side-by-sides for sale today.