Some of the best ATV riding trails can be found at campgrounds across the nation. Getting your ATV to the campground with your RV or vehicle is fairly easy and safe if you take the proper time to learn how to load and unload your ATV on a trailer. Below, you will find a list of safety measures to take while loading and unloading your ATV on your trailer.

Choose Quality Equipment

While shopping for the trailer you will use to haul your ATV, always look for quality equipment. Spend a little extra to ensure that you get a trailer that has good wiring and metal that won't rust and is capable of handling the weight of your ATV and anything else you plan to haul.

Do you want a trailer with a ramp built directly onto it, or do you want to use detached ramps as you load and unload your ATV?

The easiest option is buying a trailer with a tailgate that drops down that you can drive the ATV right up onto. If you opt to use detached ramps, choose the ramps that have locking mechanisms on them. This type of ramp locks onto the trailer and won't slide as you move the ATV up and down them.

Lastly, make sure that the trailer you buy has load securing hooks. Invest in top-grade ratchet straps to strap the ATV to the trailer. Ratchet straps allow you to tighten the tension on the straps and keep the ATV securely in place as you make your way from here to there.

Wear Your Safety Gear

Safety gear should be worn as you load and unload your ATV. Keep your helmet, gloves and boots on until your ATV is securely loaded onto the trailer or unloaded. Many accidents occur each year during the loading and unloading process that could have been avoided or the injuries less serious had the injured party been wearing the proper safety gear.

Install a Winch

Installing a winch at the front of the trailer can help you get the ATV loaded up without having to ride it or push it. The winch will slowly pull the ATV up the ramp without any risk of you getting injured as it moves. One mistake while riding the ATV up or down the ramp can result in serious injuries and damage to the ATV.

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